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However, he telegraphs the move quite a bit and though it’s easily dodged, doing so still makes you feel quite good, and gives you an opportunity to land a crippling body blow. Of all the great moments in Super Punch-Out, dodging that Bull Charge is probably the first moment where you really feel like a champion boxer. Board 8 user RySenkari compiled a list of what he thinks are the 100 greatest moments in Super Nintendo history.

I really love Super Castlevania, too, but didn’t play Mega Man X much, so must give that a proper whirl pronto. This one pulls no punches and it’s tough to find a better 16-bit role-playing experience.

Top 10 Of The Most Awesome SNES Games

Immediate Systems In GBA Roms – An Intro

Sega opted to tear down the giant and Nintendo responded in kind. Their battle was legendary so of course their creations were, too. I was always disappointed buy the sales of Zelda 3, it was THE Thomson MO5 game to have, maybe it came to early when the installed base was small and then second-hand market stole new sales. However, I have to agree that DKC2 soundtrack was the best in the series. Much better than DKC 1 (better visuals, gameplay, bosses, levels, secrets, etc.) but not as good as DKC2.

  • And in 1998, they were given a task by Nintendo once again to create a new graphics processor for their upcoming successor.
  • With Howard Lincoln stating that Dr. Yin had the best people working on it.
  • Their intention was to make it the king of the hill 128 bit juggernaut of gaming systems.

I prefer Yoshi’s Island, too, so that was a really hard choice. I tried to break down why I went with SMW over Island, and the accessibility and launch status were the two big points for me there though Island improves upon SMW in a lot of ways. My old, yellow box crossed two oceans with me and if my house were on fire and I could only save one of my consoles from the conflagration, it’d be the SNES in a heartbeat.

The game is hated on so much despite DKC1 having aged the worst out of the 3. I’m really happy to see Donkey Kong Country 3 in the list. I would have loved to see Chron Trigger in that list.

Zillions of hours have been spent exploring its realm. Hours of jaw have been devoted to figuring out who is the main character. The Genesis vs SNES console war is probably the most famous in gaming history and I do recall that it was intense here in the States, but there was a clear winner. Competition in the free market creates great products, even with the market share occasionally lopsided. Without competition, would we have had any of the incredible home console exclusives from Sega and Nintendo?

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